Health care in Medellín: English options expanding for expats, medical tourists.

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Published in Hospitals, Health & Insurance.

Medellin’s hospital, clinic and dental sector enjoys an expanding reputation for high quality and relatively low prices — which explains why an increasing number of resident expats and medical tourists come here for all sorts of surgical procedures.

Part of the reason for these success stories can be credited to the bilingual Salud Sin Fronteras (SSF) network, which includes the prestigious San Vicente Fundacion hospitals, Clinica Las Vegas, Clinica Las Americas and Clinica de Oftalmologia San Diego (see SSF interview, below).

Medellin Herald has also published detailed reports on numerous hospitals, clinics, insurors and the public-health system in Colombia (see the “hospitals, health and insurance” section under the “Antioquia” news category).

For those English-speakers looking for advice and counsel, check-out the SSF web site here. The SSF offices are on Avenida El Poblado (Carrera 43ª #1 85), in the Edificio Caja Social building, oficina 807 – just across the street from San Fernando Plaza. SSF’s bilingual CEO is Julian Andrés Arbelaez; the email address is and the phone number is 444-4773.