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Oral laser

Oral laser

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Why in Oral laser

Oral Laser is a dental clinic created to provide integral oral health services and protect your and your families’ smile. More than 25 years of experience in the market, have positioned us as one of the best dental clinics in Medellin. Being the only ones, with a full 24-hour dental emergencies service and offering painless treatments. Our dental facilities include high-tech equipment to give you the best dental treatments, an excellent technical and professional service within a peaceful environment.

In our international offer we highlight the following services


Oral and maxillofacial surgery

It is a "surgical specialty that includes diagnosis, surgery and related treatments of a wide spectrum of diseases, wounds and aesthetic aspects of the mouth, teeth, face, head and neck".

Our Services

Orthognathic surgery

Surgery of bones of the face and jaw

Management of myofacial pain and temporomandibular joint

Joint pain and mandibular muscles

Treatment of dentoalveolar trauma

Re-establishment in tooth and oral tissues after trauma

Extraction of wisdom teeth and extractions in general


Oral Rehabilitation

Oral rehabilitation is one of the specialties where we stand out most, our professionals trained in the best universities in the world, are characterized by constantly innovating with cutting-edge technologies and materials, to ensure the prompt recovery and success of our procedures

Our Services

Dental implants

Fixed prosthesis


Partial or total prostheses

Implant supported prostheses

To achieve greater stability

Neuromyorelaxing plates

Treatment of bruxism


Endodontics is the last resort to preserve the teeth without having to reccur to extract the tooth. The treatment consists mainly of the extraction of the dental pulp or nerve, usually infected and then proceed to cement it with an inert material.

Our Services

Root canal Treatment

Treatment to remove the nerve from the tooth and thus prevent extraction thereof

Apical surgeries

Removal of a segment of the tooth root and its respective seal

Perforation sealings on bad practices

Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry is the dental specialty that works on the aesthetic harmony of the teeth.

The purpose of cosmetic dentistry in addition to functional results is to increase the self-esteem and mental health of people. The smile is one of the most important facial expressions that differentiates the human being from the rest of the animals. And it is used as part of language, expressing joy happiness or pleasure.

Our Services

Smile design

Teeth whitening

Change of amalgams for resins



Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry that treats children. The pediatric dentist will, therefore, be in charge of exploring and treating children and newborns. It is also responsible for detecting possible anomalies in the position of the jaws or teeth, treat injuries, use sealants that have the function of slightly obturating the grooves and fissures of the pieces and treat the caries produced and their consequences. With the help of Functional Apparatus (to improve the position and development of bones of the face and skull) in our clinic we have specialists in the management of children's behavior in an appropriate manner and we also provide sedation with nitrous oxide (for greater comfort of the children) and finally teaching the children strategies, for caries prevention and oral health education.

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