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Why Clínica Las Américas

We are a hospital center located in Medellin, dedicated to provide services of medium and high complexity. We have a main office and two ambulatory offices. We have over 25 years of experience and are currently considered one of the leading institutions in Latin America in the provision of specialized health services, ranked in the # 20 ranking in 2016 of Clinics and Hospitals by the “América Economía Journal” Our certifications in quality and patient safety allow us to specialize in the treatment of foreign patients and in different types of procedures.

It is a hospital center that offers high and medium-level complexity services. It is considered one of the leading institutions in Latin America in the provision of specialized healthcare services, ranked in 20th place of the 2016 Ranking of Clinics and Hospitals by Revista América Economía.


In our international offer we highlight the following services


Oncology Unit

The Institute of Cancerology of the Clinic Las Americas is a private entity created in 1991, with the aim of offering a comprehensive service in oncological treatments, in addition to education, prevention and treatment of cancer, supported in the exchange and generation of knowledge through research.

We have certifications and agreements with a qualified health service, INVIMA, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer center, New Health Foundation, among others that make us internationally recognized in oncological treatments. .

Why choose the clinic

We are an entity committed to life and in constant development, we look for ways to provide better care and quality for our patients and their families, so we have a large group of specialists and subspecialists with national and international recognition.

If you are one of the patients that requires to go to Clínica Las Américas to undergo a procedure and do not live in Colombia, Salud Sin Fronteras will help make the transition easier. We understand the difficulty of traveling a long distance for a treatment of this magnitude, in the Salud Sin Fronteras team you will find the support and accompaniment you need to plan your trip, accommodation, among others.

Experience is important

For 26 years we have looked for ways to provide better care and quality for our patients and their families. In 2017 we had 76,515 consultations, of which 28,533 were chemotherapy and 58,219 radiotherapies.

Personalized care

The services that are part of the comprehensive care of cancer, begin in the specialized consultation through the different treatments: Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Bone Marrow Transplant, Oncological Surgery in its different subspecialties and care of Oncological Support in Pain and Palliative Care, Psychology , Physiotherapy, among others.

Our services

Medical oncology

After the diagnosis of cancer, it is determined if the tumor is susceptible or not of surgical treatment, and if its location and type allow it, surgery is carried out.


It is a treatment that uses ionizing radiation (X-rays or Radioactivity) to treat different types of cancer, cure or control the growth of tumors or relieve symptoms of pain and bleeding. It is also indicated for some benign diseases such as some non-cancerous tumors of the brain and other organs.

Oncologic surgery

It handles treatments that are applied in venous, muscular or oral form, and that is known as chemotherapy, hormone therapy or treatments with biomodulators.

Their purpose is to change cancer cells, preventing them from multiplying.

Oncology pharmacy

IDC Las Américas has a pharmaceutical service specialized in the dispensing of oncological medicines that complies with Colombian regulations.

Provides care to IDC Las Américas patients and other cancer centers that require medications for ambulatory treatments.

Cancer support

IDC Las Américas offers in its headquarters the services of a team of health professionals in charge of providing services in:

  • Palliative care
  • Alegesiology (pain specialists)
  • Psychology Physiotherapy

Bone marrow transplant

Service provided jointly by the IDC Las Américas, Clínica Las Américas and Laboratorio Médico Las Américas.

It has eight rooms located in the Clínica Las Américas facilities, five of them with positive differential pressure of 12 refills / hour. All of them equipped with high efficiency HEPA filters. It has a specialized medical consultation service for adults and children.

The cell separation equipment for collection and purification are located in Las Américas Medical Laboratory.

Surgery Unit

The surgery unit of Clínica Las Américas offers a medium and high complexity service from the smallest to the most complex procedure with the provision of high technology equipment.

Our team of professionals is made up of surgeons from different specialties and subspecialties, anesthesiologists, chief nurses, surgical assistants and instructors who, with their knowledge and experience added to human quality, provide excellent care to patients.

Why choose the clinic

We are committed to the wellbeing of the patient and quality care, the surgery unit advances every day to achieve the best standards of service, safety and comfort for all users.

Professionalism and academy

The academic participation and medical updates have been of great importance to be able to comply with the standards of the health sector and the rules of the Institution. In the same way, the Institution is linked to the universities where the residents of the different specializations are included.

Personalized care

The Surgery Unit has an information system called Surgery Management Program, through which we handle all surgical procedures in real time, ensuring the safety of our patients, the allocation of equipment and operating rooms, reliable statistics, and timely information for family members or the patient's companion.

Our Services

General Surgery

Gynecological surgery

Maxillofacial Surgery

Neurological surgery

Oncologic surgery

Pediatric Surgery

Vascular and Angiological Surgery

Dermatological Surgery

Head and neck surgery

Cardiovascular Surgery

Ophthalmologic Surgery

Otorhinolaryngology Surgery

Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

Urological Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery

Cardiovascular Surgery

Osteomuscular Tissue Transplant Surgery

Medical check

The personalized medical check-up or preventive medical check-up is a program designed especially for those wishing to know their general health status taking into account personal background, lifestyle, family history, among others. It is an ideal service for patients who travel frequently and who do not have the time or space to visit their doctor on a frequent basis.

It is an ideal service for international patients who come to the country to perform their analysis and also take advantage to enjoy the city and its tourist attractions for a while. If you are one of these patients, you can find in the Salud sin Fronteras team the accompaniment you need to schedule your trip, accommodation, among others.

Why choose the clinic

The Grupo Empresarial Las Américas has specialized personnel for the care of national and international patients, in order to provide assistance in all procedures for booking appointments with specialist doctors with whom you want to be checked.

Experience is important

The different companies of the Las Americas Business Group have received throughout their history recognitions, awards, achievements, milestones, certifications and accreditations that highlight the commitment and quality of health services..

Personalized care

Our staff will give you the warmest attention during your stay at Clínica Las Américas, as well as the support from the Salud sin Fronteras team to schedule your trip and put together a package that will facilitate your visit to our city.

Types of Medical Check-up

Cardio-metabolic check-up

It consists of a series of physical, biochemical, anthropometric and diagnostic imaging tests that provide valuable information to calculate and determine current risks.

Special medical check-up

It is recommended for people over 40 years of age or who have a history of gastric or colon diseases or who have previously diagnosed risk factors. Additional tests may be performed according to the needs or desire of the user such as Audiometry and Ophthalmology.

Intermediate medical check-up

It is recommended for people over 40 years old. If women under 40 wish to have this intermediate check, for medical recommendations, keep in mind that mammography is not done, but breast ultrasound.

Basic medical check-up

It is recommended for all people in adulthood, it consists of specialized tests that evaluate the general state of health making diagnostic tests for women and men, it is recommended for people over 30 years.

Child Check

Its objective is to offer a diagnostic-preventive alternative for those parents interested in ensuring that their children have an adequate state of health.

Odontology Unit

Our IPS, established in 1992, is part of the Las Americas Business Group and whose registered name is “Salud oral especializada” or Specialized Oral Health. Its infrastructure and technology allow us to provide the services of all the specialties of odontology in the same place, so that the patient does not have to move or resort to other centers to receive specialized and high quality care.

Why choose the clinic

Our dental professionals have the academic training and experience to provide patients with safe and timely treatments, with state-of-the-art technologies and materials of the highest quality since in our purchasing processes we take care of verifying the origin, the certifications of the distributor or manufacturer, the marketing permits granted by the Colombian authorities and we carry strict inventory controls.

More than 20 years of experience

We have more than 20 years of experience in providing comprehensive services in dentistry with recognized specialists and permanently updated in the new techniques and treatments for oral health.

Integral services

We are committed to providing comprehensive dental services seeking the satisfaction of users with the right staff, technology and high quality materials, spacious and welcoming physical environment, achieving excellence in our services through the continuous improvement of all processes of the organization.

Our services

Pediatric Dentistry

The first dental appointment in children should be during the first months of life. In this meeting parents are guided on the control of harmful habits such as digital suction, the use of the pacifier, prolonged suction of the bottle during the day and at night, among others.


Through this service we decrease the incidence and prevalence of events that affect the oral health of our users and thus improve their quality of life.

Aesthetic Odontology

We have high quality professionals and experience in diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases and aesthetic needs, managing clinical cases with cutting edge technology and the support of an interdisciplinary group composed of all dental specialties, smile design, LED lamp whitening, whitening with cuvettes, combination of the two techniques.


We have Odontologists specialists in orthodontics, which are responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of abnormalities of position, relationship, function and shape of dentomaxillofacial structures, leading to an optimal state of health and aesthetics through the use and control of different types of braces.

Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is the specialty that aims to perform prevention, diagnosis, prognosis, comprehensive medical-surgical treatment and reconstruction of pathologies, trauma, anomalies and congenital or acquired conditions of the structures that comprise the stomatognathic system , the maxillofacial complex and its associated organs.


Dental implants are an ideal option for people with good general health who have lost teeth due to gum disease, decay, trauma or other reasons. Among the types of implant treatments there are different alternatives, depending on the individual case of each patient.


Oral rehabilitation consists in the reposition or replacement of lost or defective teeth, reestablishing their function and esthetics in the oral cavity, by means of procedures such as: crowns, veneers, inlays, removable prostheses, total prostheses, crowns and prostheses on implants.


We have endodontic specialists who are responsible for performing the dental canal treatments and management of dental trauma, endodontic therapy involves the total removal of the dental pulp (artery-vein nerve), due to inflammation or death of this.


It is important to highlight that this is not an exclusive disease of adults, in children it can also occur and it can be associated with hereditary factors. Children are usually referred by the pediatric dentist with warning signs such as bleeding and swelling.

Diagnostic Imaging

We have panoramic radiography, lateral cephalic radiography, temporomaxillary joint radiography, and periapical radiography.

Sedation with nitrous oxide

Pain and fear in dentistry have been an important barrier in the clinical care of our patients, for these reasons many of them postpone the treatments until it is too late. That is why it is necessary to resort to techniques that allow to previously handle anxiety and pain in situations of a high level of stress. One of the solutions for handling in this type of conditions is inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide.

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