Clínica de Oftalmología Sandiego

Clínica de Oftalmología Sandiego

25 years of experience!

Solve your problems of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia.

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Clínica de Oftalmología Sandiego S.A., a leader in applying technology to ophthalmology and other specialties, has a history of 25 years in Medellín (Colombia). It was consolidated by a qualified human and technical staff that performs the most advanced surgeries in the field using top quality equipments.

The visual problems of the patients are diagnosed, treated and surgically corrected in a single place, with a comprehensive approach that includes promotion, prevention and research in all customer care.

Clínica de Oftalmología Sandiego offers its users more than 100 ophthalmologists and a qualified group of anesthesiologists, plastic surgeons, nursing assistants and administrative staff who offer friendly service in a fast and timely way.

Certifications and recognitions

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Refractive defects

Myopia, hypermetropy, pure astigmatism or combined with myopia or hypermetropia, and presbyopia. Surgery’s goal is to mould up the cornea according to the specific refractive problem every patient has, helping them recover their vision within a few minutes.

It is performed under the highest safety standards with exclusive software included in the laser equipment, which guarantees the highest accuracy possible in visual correction for each patient. This procedure is done as an outpatient, has a very short duration and recovery required after the procedure is minimum, therefore, patients can always return to their usual activities next day after surgery. Anesthetic drops are used to maximize patient’s comfort.

Health Care Protocole:

People interested in refractive surgery may attend a cost free assessment at Clínica de Oftalmología Sandiego in Medellín or may also call +57 4 2626608 in order to obtain further information details.

At initial assessment, patient will be assigned an ophthalmologist who will perform an initial exam and provide important information about the procedure.

Cirugías plásticas oculares

Blepharoplasty (eyelids surgery):

It is an optimal solution to recover the natural facial expression on eyes and eyelids. This is an aesthetic procedure aimed to eliminate the excess of fat and skin in upper and lower lids. This surgery is performed by a highly skilled medical staff and under local or general anesthesia provided by an anesthesiologist

Endoscopy Frontoplasty:

This procedure is used to perform eyebrows lift and also relieves expression lines in the forehead. It is performed using endoscopic equipment through several incisions under the hair line. This procedure provides a fresh and juvenile look with a prompt recovery and practically no scars

Catarata Surgery

To solve the cataract problem, an intra ocular lens in implanted in the right place. To accomplish the procedure, the cataract is extracted through a very small incision which does not require any sutures and through an ultrasound vibration which does not require sutures the content of the cataract is blended and extracted through suction. This surgical technique is called facoemulsification, and allows a much better vision from the first days after surgery

Other services


In adult patients, strabismus treatment and the surgery required to correct it, can improve the visual field and the capacity to merge images, control of double vision (dyplopia) and ocular aesthetics

It is frequently required to perform several surgical interventions to accomplish optimum results. In general, the procedure is performed on the muscles that move the eye, may it be advancing, shortening or getting back backwards. In some case, it may be necessary to combine several techniques, operating several muscles and work in one or both eyes, it may be necessary to work with the non deviated eye.

Retina and vitreous

The most important retinal surgeries are: conventional retinopexia, posterior retinopexia posterior, laser intra-surgical retinopexia, cryotherapy retinopexia, and vitrectomy plus retinopexia.

For the types of complicated retinal detachment, vitrectomy is combined with the implantation of a synthetic material to attach the layers that are separated from the ocular globe wall and then a laser beam is applied to block any tearing and the interior part of the eye is filled with gas or silicone oil. A high percentage of cases operated are successful, due to the fact that retina is fully adhered in just one surgical procedure.


For patients with advanced glaucoma, is recommended to perform a filtering surgery better known as trabeculectomy. As the last resource, it is possible to use valves or implants to help drainage of aqueous fluid.

Furthermore, treatment with Argon Laser helps drugs to reduce ocular pressure and Yag Laser (Laser Iridology) opens a hole in the iris allowing aqueous fluid circulation.

Unfortunately it is not possible to revert damages already suffered and improve patient’s vision

Corneal Transplant

The Corneal Transplant is a surgical procedure, through which the abnormal or ill cornea of a patient is replaced by a healthy one. Surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia, depending on the patient’s health and surgeon's preferences.

Disability caused by the surgery may vary in every case, but in the event that there are no complications, patient may go back to work within 2 to 3 weeks after the procedure, even though visual acuity takes weeks to months to recover.


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