Discover Medellin

The city of Eternal Spring and the happiest people!

- Medellín is the second most important city in Colombia, recognized as an example of transformation, and epicenter of urban, social, cultural and educational investment projects, which have been benchmarks for other countries worldwide, which led it to become the most innovative city in the world in 2014.

- Medellín has great medical advances that make the city stand out in this field in Latin America. The health institutions of the city are recognized for the provision of highly complex services, great careers and scientific support dedicated to the development of medicine.

- The human quality of its residents is unique, it is friendly, hard-working, persistent people who will help the foreigner without any type of restriction and in whom a friendly hand can be found when needed.

- The main and most important events in Medellín and Antioquia make accommodation costs are high season, although you can also see the good side and enjoy and enjoy our celebrations and city parties. To schedule your medical tourism trip, keep in mind the days that are holidays in our country and that therefore do not work on those dates.

In the following link you can locate the main events and holidays in red.

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22-26 ° C. all year.


Olaya Herrera (Medellín)

José Maria Córdoba (Rionegro)


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