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Are you in another country and want to have a medical check-up, or a medical procedure in Colombia? In Salud sin Fronteras you will find a team that will advise you, accompany you and help you make your health tourism experience much easier and more satisfying.

In Salud sin Fronteras we understand how complex it can be to move to another country, that is why we make available our team to accompany you and help you in everything you need to make your trip. We manage a complete and comprehensive package that includes everything from the medical agenda, hotel reservations, transportation, tours and everything you may need during your medical tourism trip to our city.

We have a history of 20 years working with patients from countries such as Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, Panama, Ecuador, United States, among others.

The connection with your health

According to your need, we connect you with clinics that offer specialized services in high and medium complexity health, medical and surgical care

Institutions recognized worldwide

In Salud sin Fronteras we have some of the most recognized clinics in the city, in addition to medical institutions that complement our health services; These have the highest standards of quality, safety and technology and specialized professionals to provide treatments in each case.

We schedule your medical agenda

We schedule your appointments, we advise you and we accompany you in everything related to your medical appointments in the city, we program them according to your itinerary so that you are attended by professionals that offer you a treatment according to your need.

We speak in your language

Do not worry about language, at Salud Sin Fronteras we have a trained team to help you communicate easily during your stay in our city.

We plan your trip

In Salud sin Fronteras we have the RTN certification, which endorses us as a tourism agency, thus becoming your best ally to schedule your trip. We help you plan every aspect such as medical appointments, hotel reservations, tours so you can enjoy your visit in the city and everything else you need during your stay.

Discover the city

Take advantage of your trip to take care of your health and also learn more about the city and its culture. In Salud sin Fronteras we advise you in We advise you the best activities and places you can visit so that you have a unique experience in the city of eternal spring.

Our values


We aim to provide advice and personalized support, we work hand in hand with our patients to create pleasant and memorable experiences for them.


We have the support of some of the most recognized clinics in the city, in addition to certified medical institutions that complement our specialized health services in order to provide our patients with support, security and confidence


We provide a comprehensive service, designed in the needs of our international patients. We start with your wishes and expectations to offer you a complete service.


Committed to the welfare and health of patients who decide to plan their trip with us. Our greatest satisfaction is to tell their testimonies and successful experiences

Strategic allies


The PTP is a program of the National Government to transform the Colombian industry and promote the development of companies in 20 strategic sectors of the national economy, to compete and grow. The Health Tourism sector is composed of 4 basic categories (curative, preventive, aesthetic and wellness medicine), in which Colombia has a clear strategic proposal.


In 2002, under the initiative of the Mayor's Office of Medellín and the Chamber of Commerce of Medellín for Antioquia, the Medellin Convention & Visitors Bureau Corporation was created, with the objective of having an institution responsible for the promotion of the city as a destination for tourism. Businesses and that also understands and supports as a transversal sector to the health sector.


The Cluster Services of Medicine and Dentistry promotes the culture of trust and institutional integration for the construction of networks of cooperation, education and health research, in order to attract the international market and contribute to the improvement of regional business competitiveness.


The Colombo - Dutch Chamber of Commerce, also known as Holland House, was founded as a Bilateral Chamber of Commerce under Colombian law, therefore it has a board of directors, a director (appointed by the Board) and the necessary support staff. The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, as well as the RVO, has a consultative and supervisory role.


The promotion of exports of non-mining energy goods and services in markets with potential, the expansion of Colombian companies, the attraction of foreign direct investment to Colombia, the positioning of the country as a tourist destination for vacations and meetings and the Country Brand, are the main axes on which he focuses his work PROCOLOMBIA.